Real to reel film festival

OCT 9-10

Moving Mountains

A theme of equity focusing on adventure and the outdoors.

Presented by Mountainfilm on Tour: Saugatuck

Saturday October 10th - 9:30am to 11:00am @ the women's club

Playlist Teaser

Moving Mountains playlist at the Women’s Club is a taste of Mountainfilm’s annual festival theme of Equity with a focus on adventure and the outdoors. Featuring Brotherhood of Skiing and The Litas.

We encourage you to arrive half an hour early and head over to Uncommon Grounds for coffee & breakfast nibbles, bring it back to the Women’s Club where live music will welcome you!

Featured Films

Brotherhood of skiing

The Brotherhood of Skiers has been bringing camaraderie and dance parties to the slopes since 1973. The annual summits, which unite African-American ski clubs across the country, are fundraisers for youth programs to pass the love of skiing down to the next generation. First born of necessity — safety in numbers in the aftermath of the civil rights movement — four decades later, the Brotherhood of Skiers is still creating a safe space and upending stereotype.

the litas

Growing up gay and black in Los Angeles in the 1960s, Gevin Fax felt alone. Then, at age 12, she discovered dirt-biking. “The boys grew out of it, but she never did,” her father reminisces in this short about the Litas, a 5,000-strong global women’s motorcycle collective founded in 2015. For Gevin, finding the Litas was a revelation. “I’m truly present when I’m alone on that bike and I can just be,” she says.

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