Real to reel film festival

OCT 9-10

The Indomitable spirit

A playlist celebrating culture and tenacious characters

Presented by Mountainfilm on Tour: Saugatuck

Saturday October 10th - 3 to 4:30PM @ the Women’s Club

Playlist Teaser

Our Indomitable Spirit screening at the Women’s Club will feature films celebrating culture and tenacious characters with appetites for adventure. The playlist will include Broken, and The San Juan Dance Club among many other inspiring character studies.

Featured Films



Jon Wilson lost a leg to cancer at 23. He found joy some years later by developing a solitary routine of skinning and climbing up a ski mountain on his remaining leg, at night, and skiing back down. Wilson wrote and narrates this tone poem about perseverance and the unexpected gift that came from having been “broken.”

Broken had its’ world premiere at Mountainfim 2019.



the San Juan dance club

Who knew? Formal dancing is good exercise, fun and a great way to meet new people. Just down valley from Telluride, Ron Black, in retirement, started teaching dance — country waltz, two-step swing, American tango, line dances and more. There might even be more to it than matchmaking, which is its own reward. “When I’m dancing I can actually get out of my skin,” Black says. “My soul comes out, and starts dancing

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